“All of the teachers and staff make an effort to get to know the dancers. The company performers are amazing and great role models for the little ones, but there is no pressure on the younger recreational classes, which is so refreshing. The children are able to learn and enjoy themselves in whatever capacity. They are encouraged to challenge

themselves and grow as dancers but at their own pace. The patience and understanding of the teachers (who are incredibly successful and talented dancers in their own rights!) is fantastic and they are excellent at assessing the strengths of each dancer to help them get to where they want to go; be it a future as a professional, getting some exercise, or just having a great time moving their bodies. We look forward to many more years making ourselves at home at Liv'art!"   

About Liv'art

Liv'art offers excellent technical dance training in a supportive environment which is so different from the other studios

we've tried.

“Love the studio, teachers and staff! Classes are great - really quite amazing what they are taught, how they are learning, and how they perform. The passion is palpable as it moves from the teachers to the students!”

Liv'art Dance Studio was founded by Liv Gaugain.

Liv has been teaching in the Los Angeles area since 1997.

She believes that it is extremely important for kids to have a safe place to spend time. Liv'art Dance Studio is a place where kids are able to express themselves freely but also where they are nurtured, guided and mentored to become strong, passionate, confident young adults.

When you join Liv'art Dance Studio,

you don't just join a dance school;

you enter a big loving family. 

 "The best kept secret of Los Angeles! Liv has not only help to mold my daughter's

dance skill, she has given her a huge love and respect of her fellow dancers she will carry through the rest of her life."

"Liv brings a passion for the sheer joy of movement to each class and shares it with every student. She combines a deep knowledge of her art with a sense of      open-hearted exuberance. This not only inspires her students, but creates a communinity of young artists who know what excellence in movement is and take great joy in achieving it."   

“My girls love Livart! They have taken classes at other studios and by far, this has been the best!

Why Choose



"I was trying to find my daughter another dance studio since we moved to another area and Liv'art was highly recommended to me.  Since the first time my daughter took a trial class, I knew this would be the place for her.  Liv is highly experienced. The girls are friendly and the teachers teach proper technique. 

My daughter is thriving!"​​

“The teachers' effort was seen during the recital. The children looked great on stage. The smaller kids’ performance were so cute and the older kids obviously practiced tirelessly to perform their best.”

“I will be returning over and over until my child graduates high school!.” 

About us

Liv'art - Children's Dance Programs

"My daughter has learned so much from Liv! About dance and about life. As a parent, I couldn't be happier!!!"​​

"Liv is a  gem. She is much more than a gifted instructor; Liv is a mentor, friend and confidante to her students. As an instructor, she is able to zero in on each kids' strength and develop their skills."​​

“My daughter LOVES being in company. She loves her teachers, bonding with the girls, working together on dances, even being sore or tired and all that comes with it. The environment is motivating and positive! Communication with the parents is always clear and Liv always connects with the girls so easily. It was a great year of dance for her.”

“Liv'art is a lovely place for children to focus on the art of dance. They strike a great balance between great training and allowing kids be kids. The teachers are encouraging and attentive, and the studio itself is spacious and clean. As a dance mom with a background in professional dance and instruction, I fully endorse!"

"I think peerless is a good word to describe Liv's teaching. She creates an environment for her young dancers that is both supportive and rigorous. She nurtures them and gives them a sense of themselves and a confidence in the their bodies."​​

“This place is warm and welcoming. The perfect combination of pushing and the dancers while at the same time instilling in them a love of dance. The prices are Thank you for making us feel really affordable. So glad we found Liv'art!”

"Dancing with Liv is a joy, and her students are lucky to have her as their inspiration...

She is a gift to her profession!"​​

“Liv'art is an amazing dance studio for kids of all ages! It is truly like a family there and you will not find a better studio who spends the

time investing in your child's skill level,

confidence and progression.”

“Spring 2016 was my daughter’s first experience with dance. She is very shy and I wondered how she'd fair with dance class. She loved it. She took hip hop and look forward to continuing at Liv'art. Thank you for making us feel comfortable.”

"Liv'art is a special dance school: classes are taught with modern methodologies, the kids are inspired to learn."​​

“We love this studio! The entire staff is so welcoming and sweet to parents and dancers! My daughter is a little on the shy side but loves coming to ballet class and now also wants to explore new classes since she was able to watch the Spring Show."

 “I have a 6 years old and all she loves to do is ballet/tap. The class has been wonderful. The size is not too big and I feel each child gets the attention they need to perfect their craft. All the teachers are great and sweet with the kids. My child's teacher is very patient with all the ballet participants. She always has a smile and is thorough with execution of tasks to be completed in class. She makes learning dance so fun.”

"Liv is very responsible with regard to the safety of my child and I trust her implicitly."​​

1- The Staff

As a parent, it is not an easy task to pick a dance studio for our kids.  On paper, every dance teacher around sounds amazing.  The truth is that for the young dancers, the most important part is the connection they are building with the teacher.  

Our teachers are patient, dedicated and nurturing.  They share their love and passion for dance with their students.

To prove it to you, we invite every new student to take a free class.  You'll see, our teachers are really awesome!

2- The Level of Education
If you already have a very passionate dancer on your hands, Liv'art is the perfect studio.  We offer a very strong level of dance education for very one of our classes.  We are extremely proud of our teachers.  Their knowledge, technique and ability allow them to teach their class in a safe and proper way.  Your children's well-being is our priority.  Our teachers will give your dancer the best technique, without getting injured.        

We also provide the unique opportunity for students that desire more and are prepared for a deeper commitment to become a part of our company.  We hold auditions every year, right before our fall schedule starts.  

We select dancers for their ability, attitude, motivation, and strength. Company members receive specialized training and unique performance opportunities throughout the year. Company provides dancers with a challenging yet enjoyable environment to improve their dance technique, gain new skills, and develop good character.  We strive to teach dancers positive life skills including how to work towards a goal and how to strive for excellence as both an individual and as a team.

3- The Price
That's right!  We pride ourselves on being one of, if not the,

less expensive dance studio in the San Fernando Valley;  and we're not just talking tuition.  

Here's why:
- Most studios charge per month, whether they hold classes or not. We only charge for the classes we actually hold.

- If you miss a class, you can take a make-up class. Every dance studios will give you 30 days to take your make-ups. We allow you to do your make ups at anytime during the school year (as long as it is before our Spring Shows).

- Also, most studios charge a flat fee of $100-$150 per costume. We don't. No participation fee and costumes vary between $45 and $90 depending on what the costume is.

4- The Community
Liv takes pride in knowing every student and she is definitely a mother figure to all.  She is always available for any Liv'art students and the bond she cultivated with them is so strong.  

As corny as this sounds, when you join Liv'art Dance Studio, you really join a big loving family.