Sessions / Calendar

Annual Registration Fee : $35 per family

Single Class Rate: $25/hour
Registration Fee is due after student has taken 4 drop-in classes.


Make-up classes are available.

Unlike most dance studios, we allow our students to do their make-ups anytime during the school year.
However, here are the guidelines and rules we apply:
- Make-ups must be taken BEFORE the Spring Show. Any unused make-ups will be lost after the Spring Show.
- If a student un-enrolls from a class, make-ups from that class will be lost. 
- Make-ups can be made in any class of any style. However, it must be the same or lower level than the student's regular class.

Important Dates

The 2023 WINTER SHOWS will be on Sunday, December 17th.
          The Winter Show is a Company only show. 
          No recreational classes will participate.

The 2024 SPRING SHOWS will be on Saturday, June 1st and Sunday, June 2nd.
          The Spring Show is a not mandatory for recreational classes but all classes will participate.

Students are welcome to join at any time.

If a student is joining a class mid-session, we will pro-rate the tuition.​

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